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    So today, the 21st October just happens to be National Apple Day...who knew?
    We will certainly take that as excuse to make as many yummy apple themed treats as humanly possible

    Dreaming of Dessert...

    We all know already how delicious ice cream is on its own but how often do you enjoy your favourite sweet treats with a helping of ice cream...we've been looking into

    Great Taste Award 2016

    The results are in......and we are pleased to announce that we won a 1 star Great Taste Award for our Chocolate Miso Ice Cream, our new flavour this year has soon

    What is umami ?

    Taking its name from the Japanese, umami translates to ‘pleasant savoury taste’, it is made from glutamate (a type of amino acid) and ribonucleotides, which occur naturally in many foods.

    When humans

    Top 10 superfruits to add to your diet


    Packed with antioxidants and nicknamed ‘Nature’s power fruit’, pomegranates are a no-brainer when it comes to your health. In fact, some studies show the fruit, which has around 600 seeds,

    Macaroon ice cream sandwiches

    225g Ground almonds 310g Icing sugar 125g Granulated sugar 6-7 Large egg whites 1/4tsp Fine sea salt 500ml Your favourite Yee Kwan Ice Cream
    A few drops of food colouring